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Illinois gun licensing bill prompted by Aurora mass shooting fails, but supporters vow to bring it back

Backers of the “Fix the FOID” act, which was largely a response to a mass shooting in Aurora in February, have vowed to bring back the measure for another try.

Proponents say the bill is needed to strengthen background checks for gun owners and provide more funding to better enforce existing laws that bar dangerous people from possessing weapons.

The measure, which would have increased fees for gun licenses and required all applicants be fingerprinted, won House approval earlier this week despite opposition from lawmakers who said it infringed on Second Amendment rights. But legislators told the Tribune on Friday that the bill would not be called for a vote in the Illinois Senate.

The failure of the bill that was prompted by one mass shooting happened to occur on the day of another mass shooting, this one in Virginia Beach, Va., where local authorities said 11 people were killed Friday.


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