Crime Victim Law

Civil Lawsuits Can Provide Help for Crime Victims and Their Families

Victims of crime and their families often suffer losses that go far beyond the reaches of compensation from a criminal case. Although a criminal trial often comes first, there are limitations on the amount of damages that can be awarded to crime victims, which is why it is important to determine whether a civil case might be appropriate. Even if restitution is ordered in a criminal case, the perpetrator of the crime often cannot cover the costs, and state compensation funds for crime victims fall short as well. As a member of the National Crime Victim Bar Association, Dolan Law can provide guidance to crime victims and their families on whether they may have a reasonable case for a civil lawsuit to seek compensation for their losses.

A civil case that is likely to result in compensation to the victim typically involves the negligence of a third party that might have prevented the crime had they fulfilled their duties. If a major institution, such as a business, government agency, or educational institution, has played a role in not providing adequate protection to the victim, it may be possible to sue that third party for compensation for damages and pain and suffering in a civil case.

Types of crimes represented in civil cases for crime victims include:

  • Sexual assault, rape or molestation
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace 
  • Inadequate security by a property owner
  • School or campus violence
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Government misconduct or negligence
  • Child abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Drunk driving or other alcohol-related injuries
  • Fraud
  • Wrongful death
  • Mass shootings or terrorist attacks

Time is of the essence when investigating the crime’s consequences to the victim and the actions of those responsible, so it is critical to contact Dolan Law to speak with a crime victim rights attorney as soon as possible. Victims do not have to wait until a criminal trial is over to begin a case.

When we take on a case, the Dolan Law team gets to work immediately, sending investigators to gather evidence from all parties. We work on the side of crime victims to seek adequate compensation for damages, such as lost wages or physical injury or death. Although compensation varies widely depending on the case, in one record-setting case for child abuse and wrongful death, our client was awarded a settlement of $48 million. We would be happy to consult with you at no charge on whether you may have the basis for a civil suit as a crime victim or family member.