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Everyone uses consumer products. When we buy a cleaning product, purchase a child’s toy, consume food or use a doctor-prescribed medical device, we trust that the item is safe for us to use. But when a product is negligently designed or manufactured, or distributed without proper directions for its use, we can easily become a victim of serious, even fatal, injury. If using a defective product resulted in your injury or the death or catastrophic injury of your loved one, the attorneys of Dolan Law, PC are here to help you fight for justice.

Defective products injure millions

Consumer products injure millions of people each year. In fact, more than 200,000 people are injured each year by toys alone. Many of these injuries occur because of negligent or reckless behavior by the companies that sell the products — such as poor or ineffective design, incorrect assembly, manufacturing with cheap parts and packaging without directions for the product’s use or distribution without warnings of its hazards. While the American marketplace is extremely lucrative for companies all around the world, those companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of products sold in the United States. Our attorneys provide a check on companies that try to profit at any cost. Common types of defective products cases we handle include:

  • Airbags
  • Asbestos and silicosis
  • Automotive defects
  • Defective children’s products
  • Defective helmets
  • Defective medical products/drug recalls
  • Household appliances
  • Lead paint
  • Lead poisoning
  • Snow blower accidents and other equipment failure
  • Defective tires

The injuries you could incur from a defective product range from mild, such as whiplash due to malfunctioning brakes, to catastrophic damage, such as brain damage stemming from a motorcycle crash while wearing a defective helmet.

Filing a products liability lawsuit

Defective product injuries occur for myriad reasons and may be caused by a variety of different products — electronics, toys, vehicles, sporting equipment, appliances, clothing, food, power tools, drugs, airplanes and countless others. If you are injured or your loved one is killed by a product, or if you suffer damage to property, our lawyers can prepare a strong products liability lawsuit. Often, if a defective product has injured one person, many others have also suffered. The first step in preventing further deaths or injuries can be the simple act of notifying the right person that the product is dangerous.

Learning about products liability law

A lawyer can bring a products liability lawsuit under any of these legal theories:

  1. Breach of warranty — A company violates an express or implied promise about a product’s safety, quality or functionality.
  2. Negligence — A company violates a duty of care in designing, manufacturing or selling a product.
  3. Strict liability — A company is held liable even if it has not violated a promise or a duty of care. In a strict liability lawsuit, a company is held liable if a consumer is injured while using a product in the intended manner and the product is improperly designed, contains a manufacturing defect, comes with insufficient or misleading directions, or is sold without proper warning of the dangers associated with the product.

With our help, you can gain rightful coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, emotional and physical pain and suffering, and possibly punitive damages if those responsible were grossly negligent.

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