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Representing those injured as a result of medical negligence

At Dolan Law, PC, our lawyers know about the betrayal, anger, pain and costs experienced by patients who are victims of medical malpractice. Patients go to their doctors to improve their health and trust their physicians to act in their best interests. But when doctors, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, pharmacists or hospitals fail to meet a proper standard of care, they are not acting in their patients’ best interests. If you have suffered harm because a medical care provider was negligent, we can help you take legal action.

About the medical malpractice cases we handle

In Illinois, victims of malpractice generally have two years from the time they know, or reasonably should have known, about their injury to file a lawsuit, but the claim must be brought within four years of the action or inaction that caused the injuries. Victims who were minors — under age 18 — when the malpractice occurred have a longer statute of limitations.

Dolan Law handles all types of medical malpractice cases, including the following:

  • Surgery errors — Negligence relating to surgical procedures, such as wrong-site surgery
  • Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose — Negligent oversight resulting in a condition being misdiagnosed or not being diagnosed at all until the damage is serious or untreatable, such as with progressing cancer
  • Medication errors — Mistakes having to do with prescribing medication, filling prescriptions, administering medications, causing adverse drug interactions and errors in anesthesia.
  • Errors in patient monitoring — Negligent monitoring of a patient’s status, particularly following a surgical procedure or health emergency; mistreatment, neglect and abuse occurring in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes or mental health facilities
  • Birth injuries — Improper use of tools or other errors during labor or delivery leading to injury to the mother or the infant

Elements of a medical malpractice case

To recover compensation against a doctor, nurse, hospital or other medical professional or facility as a victim of medical malpractice in Illinois, you and your attorney must prove the following elements of negligence:

  1. That the medical professional or entity owed you a duty of care — Hospitals assume duty whenever they admit patients, and doctors assume duty when they agree to care for a patient.
  2. The medical care provider breached that duty — You must demonstrate that the doctor did not act as a reasonable doctor of the same specialty would have acted in the same situation. For example, if your general practitioner failed to diagnose cancer, you would need to prove that other general practitioners would have made the correct diagnosis had you sought their care.
  3. That the breach of duty caused your injuries — It is not enough that a doctor, surgeon or nurse made a mistake and that you were hurt. The defendant’s actions must have been the primary reason for your injuries. In the example provided above, if your doctor failed to diagnose your cancer, but the cancer would have been untreatable even if the doctor had diagnosed properly, you would not have a case because the diagnostic error neither caused nor exacerbated your condition to the point that it was untreatable. If, however, your cancer would have been highly treatable had it been detected at the stage at which you visited your physician, and the physician instead made clear missteps that delayed or prevented your treatment, you may have a case.
  4. That you incurred real damages — You must provide evidence of the injuries or undue conditions you suffered and demonstrate the financial costs and other losses you incurred as a result of the conditions.

Proven success representing victims of medical negligence

Medical malpractice cases are important. Victims are entitled to recover damages for their injuries. However, the Department of Justice has found that in Illinois only about 12 percent of closed cases result in money for victims. Accordingly, it is imperative to hire the right Illinois medical malpractice attorney — one who fights zealously to recover damages on your behalf. Chicago medical malpractice attorney Martin A. Dolan knows how to fight for medical malpractice victims. In the notable case of Kordek v. Marwaha, he successfully represented the plaintiff, taking the case to verdict. In that case, the doctor was found liable for failing to diagnose cancer, and the jury verdict was the second-highest in DeKalb County history for a medical malpractice claim.

Choose a reliable and effective lawyer to represent you in your malpractice case

At Dolan Law, PC, our attorneys are passionate advocates for victims of medical negligence. If you were harmed by a physician or other medical professional who breached the duty of care, you have a right to compensation. Call [ln::phone] or contact our firm online today to take action.

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