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Reporter Unharmed in Afghanistan is Badly Hurt on Streets of Chicago

People often say that driving a motor vehicle is more dangerous than many other activities which we recognize as dangerous.  That premise certainly held true for a WGN reporter who recently returned from covering the war in Afghanistan for Channel 9.

Tom Negovan was lucky enough to return from Afghanistan with no physical injuries.  However, he was not so lucky once he got home.  In early September, Mr. Negovan was out for a ride on his motorcycle in the northwest side of Chicago.  A car made a left turn in front of him and an accident ensued.  Mr. Negovan needed spinal surgery and 19 staples in his head.  He suffered from other injuries as well but is luckily expected to make a full, yet painful, recovery.

Injuries incurred in motorcycle accidents can be painful and even fatal.  Often, another driver may be at fault for the accident.  If the other driver is found to be liable for a motorcyclist’s injuries then a judge may require the driver to pay damages. Damages can include payment for lost wages, past and future medical bills and pain and suffering.

If you, or a loved one, have been in a motorcycle accident then please contact an Illinois motorcycle accident attorney for a free consultation to determine if you may be entitled to damages.


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