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Women Band Together To End Sexual Harassment In NYS Legislature

Hebert and Rita Pasarell both say they were sexually harassed while working for Brooklyn assemblyman Vito Lopez.

“When I had reported harassment, I had expected that something was going to be done about it. And I was really surprised when that process didn’t happen,” Rita Pasarell added.

Their sexual harassment working group was created for women who reported or experienced harassment in the New York State Legislature.

On Wednesday they’ll be at the state’s capital, sharing their stories with government leaders and pushing for legislation that would protect survivors’ rights.

“I want them to listen to the testimonies and hear what they can do to craft those protections,” Pasarell said.

“And demand that the legislators learn from the failures of the past,” the group’s Eliyanna Kaiser said.

It’s the state legislature’s first hearing on sexual harassment in 27 years. Actress, activist, and former candidate for governor, Cynthia Nixon is joining the cause.


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