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Dolan Law is proud to support these local charities and causes.

The Lawyers’​ Assistance Program provides confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, law students and their families with alcohol, drug and/or mental health concerns. It provides completely confidential counseling, peer support, assessment, referral, and intervention services, and helps connect lawyers, judges, and law students with what they need to continue to achieve success. Dolan Law believes in the sustained health and wellness of members in this profession and proudly supports the Illinois Lawyer’s Assistance Program and their great efforts for our legal community.

Ascend Justice
Ascend Justice is a nonprofit organization that empowers individuals and families impacted by gender-based violence or the child welfare system to achieve safety and stability through holistic legal advocacy and system reform. Dolan Law partner Karen Munoz was a board member of Ascend Justice from 2016-2021. She now currently serves as the Board President. Karen has proudly dedicated herself to Ascend Justice and their incredible work. Dolan Law is proud to support Karen and Ascend Justice as they continue their powerful work towards justice in our community.

just1mike and The Chad Effect
Just1Mike and Chad Effect were created after 2 young men both lost their lives to sudden cardiac death (SCD). The effort behind these groups is to help create awareness and educate communities on identifying heart risks in children and teens. Just1mike and The Chad Effect continually advocate that AED devices be placed in schools, athletic facilities, public parks, institutions, and corporations to help save lives. Dolan Law is happy to play a small part with financial donations to help these great families create awareness on the importance of AED’s.

“Brendan’s Law”
Brendan Burke tragically lost his life at 21 years old in a car crash by a motorist test-driving a vehicle that had decals and paperwork blocking his view. Through the efforts of former Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, Brendan’s Law was initiated. Brendan’s Law is a traffic safety measure that states that stickers, decals and paperwork must be removed from car windows before test driving a dealership’s vehicle. Dolan Law continues to support the Burke family in its efforts to provide high school and college scholarships in Brendan’s name.

To read more about “Brendan’s Law” Public Act 100-346 click the link below:

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