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What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

What is a class action? Briefly, a class action is where a few plaintiffs represent a broader class of persons who all suffered the same or similar injury because of the defendant’s conduct. There are several factors considered to decide if a class action can move forward. They include:

  • Suffering the same harm as the other plaintiffs involved in the claim.
  • Courts can clearly define who qualifies for the lawsuit and who doesn’t.
  • The total number of plaintiffs makes joining all of them to the lawsuit impractical.
  • A common set of facts or legal interests unite the class’s collective injuries.
  • The representatives’ claims are similar to the rest of the class members, and filing a lawsuit is enough to make a decision for the rest of the class members.
  • A class action lawsuit is the most efficient way to litigate the claims.

By filing one lawsuit, class action lawsuits help reduce the number of individual cases and allows access to justice where one case may be too small to file.  Class actions can be brought in a variety of cases, such as personal injuries, toxic torts and fraud.

If you have questions about class action lawsuits, contact Dolan Law for more information and get the legal support you need.

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