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Chicago Program Designed to Catch Drivers Who Endanger Pedestrians

Last year the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Department of Transportation began a new initiative designed to catch drivers who endanger pedestrians in crosswalks. The program began as a daytime series of undercover police stings that pulled over and fined drivers who did not yield to pedestrians in the city’s crosswalks.

This year, the program continues but this time the focus will be on nighttime drivers.  Several different enforcement methods will be used including using undercover police officers posing as pedestrians.  Drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks will be pulled over by uniformed officers and may be fined $50 – $500 for their failure to comply with the law.

Four parts of Chicago with a significant history of vehicle – pedestrian accidents will be targeted as part of this year’s initiative.  They include: River North, Austin, Wrigleyville, and 79th Street between Ashland and the Dan Ryan Expressway.

While the police are using undercover officers, the operation is no secret.  The City of Chicago wants drivers to know about the initiative and to think about pedestrians every time they are behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Pedestrian accidents are a serious problem in Chicago. If you have been hurt, or a loved one has been killed, in a pedestrian accident then you know how the negligence of one person can forever change the life of your family. The Chicago pedestrian accident attorneys of Dolan Law Offices are committed to helping pedestrian accident victims and their families.  Please contact us today for a free consultation if your family has been impacted by a pedestrian accident.

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