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Employee Obligations Under the FMLA

An employee must provide sufficient facts to put the employer on notice that the absence may be covered by FMLA. There are no magic words, or anything fancy about providing notice. The employer just has to be given enough facts that would indicate that the absence would be covered by FMLA. FMLA requires that employees give management a heads up about their leave at least 30 days in advance of their time off. But if this would not be possible, then as soon as practicable.

  • An employee must provide a completed medical certification by a healthcare provider to the employer within 15 calendar days.
  • You should be familiar with your employer’s FMLA policies. If there is a handbook, read up on the procedures.
  • Employees should stay in communication with your employer and if anything changes (like being able to come back earlier) let them know as soon as possible.

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